New KX 85: what do I need to know . . .

We just moved up to a KX 85. So far all we have done is rejet. What do I need to know. What should I look out for. What spares should we have.

THanks for the info in advance.

are you racing the bike or trail riding it liesurely? when i had my 85 i was young and didnt know any better and would only ride trails and i NEVER touched the bike other then change tranny oil and clean air filter/oil it. bad i know. I would probably keep a spare top end handy because to make any power you really have to wind them out. thats about all i can think of. on my rm 144 i just keep a spare top end handy. basic maint. stuff like greasing wheel bearings/linkage/shock bearings. im sure somebody else with more knowledge on racing wear and tear 85 will chime in.

we will be racing HS and MX with lots of practice in between. SO far we have only fouled a plug in the cold.

my son has a 08 that we have raced for 2 seasons now... #1 switch to a iriduim plug. #2 at the least re-spring it to your sons weight also the kx likes to run that R&D rear link on it. #4 cut i think it was 1.5-2.0 inch's off the end of the stock silencer and re-pack it. It makes it into a FMF shorty.There is a thread on it somewere. Watch the engine mount bolts they love to come loose.........Thats about it..Oh yea we been running ATF in the tranny

yep thats exactly what I need to know

Why did you sat switch to irigium plug (we had trouble with the stock 105 and did the same)

It was recomended on teamgreen site. Un fortunatly i re-jetted and switched plug at the same time.So not sure what they do.Have yet to foul a plug since thou.

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