Hey Thumperians any update on the proposed 630 yet.

You'll have to wait until around November 11th to the 15th.

I think that's when they're going to release information on new products.

And again that's if there is a new TE or whatever in the Husqvarna line-up

JustSayen :bonk:

so far the rumor has only confirmed a supermoto and top brass says top secret

i hope they will also put out the enduro too

630 news,, yes i need it, better have a dualsport and not just a sm. if they have improved on the old 610 i'm definitetly gonna cash up. unless its priced like a beemer. :bonk:

I am excited at the prospect of a few more CC's. The 610 boxes above its weight and with the rest of the bike so well sorted I would love a genuine 600 to 630 cc to cement our position vis a vis the Husas and Katos of this world. Exciting prospect isn't it-fingers crossed.

Exciting prospect isn't it-fingers crossed.

Yes it is, yes it is. Can't wait for the Milan show. I'm told it won't disappoint.:bonk:

Since its all rumors anyway,,, i have been told there will be a TE 630 in Canada this year. I was also told to expect the usual husky reliability with about 65 HP. Cant wait to see what is coming down. Husky sure seems to have this new bike well hidden from the public so far.

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