can i put twist throttle on a raptor 250?


If so . which is the best? any advice?

You sure can. Sometimes, depending on the twist throttle you use, the throttle cable needs to be modified. I haven't done one in a while but now days there are probably some available that are direct bolt on. Check out .

sure you can, but I would't recommend it. Unlike dirt bikes, atv's through the rider around more than they realize. This causes the rider to pull on the throttle more than they would on a dirt bike and accidently giving it gas when you shouldn't and end up on your back side when the bike throws you off the back. If your looking for a twist throttle because your thumb gets tired, use a thumb extention for the thottle lever. They are about $12 from Chaparral. I have been riding atv's and dirtbikes my whole life and would never put a twist back on my atv. Had one on my banshee when I bought it and thought it was pretty cool until I ended up on my ass!

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