Fork Tube re-anodizing

Does anybody know of any good places to have some fork tubes re-anodized? I'm trying to go from the original black on the KTM tubes to a gold to match my Ohlins shock.

I've never had any anodizing done before so I'm hoping to hear from someone who has. It would be nice to have a place that deals with MX stuff do it so they would have a better understanding and maybe even more likely to get it to match in color.

Well it's no impossible.

The color matching is a pita. Most of the time only similar products out of the samebatch of alluminum and anodized at the same time come out the same color.

As far as reanodizing the tubes depends on the company you want to do it.

You don't want the inside ofthe tubes messed with. So they will need to be plugged with a lye and acid proof plug. Alot of times a rubber expandable plug is used but it must not have anything except rubber alluminum or titanium parts as anything else will continate the acid bath.

Second to look good the part needs to be preped good. Any surface defects weather it be contaminates or a bad polishe or missed sandblast will result in maginified uglyness.

So yes it can be done. But choose a repatal shop to do it. And stress to them that the inside must not be altered in anyway during any phase of the process.

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