Build the Ultimate Desert WR 250

I own a 06 WR 250 and made some improvements, but can you help me to bulid the ultimate desert bike, please let me know which brands are more reliable.

I do desert and light trail riding.

Thank you!:bonk:

While your 06 is a very good bike - made even better, I'm sure, with your mods - it is almost at the other end of the "ultimate desert bike" spectrum.

Are you looking to get a new bike and want opinions on what displacement or brand?

I will have to stick with this bike for at least 1 or 2 more years, but i was looking forward to make key changes that will reflect in better performance.

I put around 2000 miles on mine out in the desert. Long rides, way out, no park and play stuff. One bigger on the front sprocket and two smaller in the rear. No need for a different chain that way. Cruises all day at around 50mph. Plenty fast for most backcountry desert conditions. Bark busters & bash plate are good insurance as well.


If you're planning on going fast, look into getting your suspension done. Every major suspension company has mods that will increase the plushness while also adding bottoming resistance, I recommend DaveJ in the suspension forum. Once you get the legs fixed, then you can start looking for more power. A big bore with some cams and head-work would be a good starting point. The stock exhaust works great and it's quite, plus it will never need repacked! So I would just put in a performance tip and drill a 1/2 inch hole in the second baffle and call it good. Some mods to help reliability would be a heavy duty skid plate, heavy duty radiator guards, rotor guards, a T.M. designs chain guide, and some wrap around aluminum hand guards. Then if you're riding fast enough you could even look into putting a smaller rear sprocket on, oh and don't forget the oversize fuel tank!

So far Have installed K&N air filter, acerbis rally guards, GYTR exhaust insert, GYTR YZF kit an will have enzo racing to adjust the suspension according to my height and weight.

I'm also interested in installing a dampener and desert tank, but I'm not sure which brand is more reliable.

Thank you for your replies

I recommend you do not use the K&N filter. It is not fine enough and will let through dust. Do a search and you will see that this is the general consensus. Any good quality foam filter will be safer - especially with a high revving 4 stroke.

thank you I'll look into it

Yes ditch that K&N, dust is terrible for plated titanium valves and is the #1 killer of modern 4 stroke engines...

Today I went back to the OEM Air filter, at least until I find something that offers me a little boost and peace of mind.

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