Thinking of upgrading my 2009 to a 2010 model, could anybody let me know if i can interchange my suspenision components ie; gold valves,springs (front and rear) , triple clamp.

No you can not.

A little more detail to follow your answer would be nice!

A little more detail to follow your answer would be nice!

all new suspension totally different forks and shock. fork legs are physically bigger at 48 mm diameter so they wont even fit your triple clamps.

I think you could change out the forks if you swap the triple trees, but not 100% positive. The shock will not exchange. 2009 450, 2010 450 and 2010 250 are all the same.

I am willing to bet that you will not even want to swap the suspension. I had an 08 with about 2 grand into the suspenion. DLC coating, pretty much everything that you can do to the stock stuff. My 2010 suspension, out of the box, 100% stock works just as good if not better. I spent some time dialing in my 08 suspension and had it working what i thought was perfect. I can't wait to feel the 2010 suspension once i get some time to dial it in.

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