Distal radius fracture

on the 10th of oct, i broke my arm.

fracture distal radius

fracture distal ulan (chiped, nothing they can do)

but question is, this is my first brake of my arm and i dont know wat it should feel like in the cast, for the first few days with the cast, there was lots of pain cause they had to put it back in place.. the the pain went away for a few days. tuesday i toke x-rays and they say it is looking fine. but now i feel like little pain, (stiffnes or maybe like flexing pain) i dont know how to explain it. its not bad pain its like 0-1. wat is the steps for the radius to heal? any werid feelings i might have in the cast????

thanks for the help

I didn't have a hard cast but a series of temp casts. I smashed the distal radius and got a plate and 9 screws. The wrist joint was very stiff throughout the whole process. I am at 6 months and have about 90%. Biggest thing is exersize the wrist. Don't overdo it, but work it. I used a rope tied to weights on a bar. Roll it up and down. Let your good hand do more of the work and eventually they will even out. Better to take the time to heal now and ride hard later. It will come back but take your time. Go to PT if you can and do what they say. work your way up to the rope and weights, slow. Good luck

Here we are another year gone by. How you healing?

I broke mine last summer. They had to put it back to it's place and then i had a cast on it. They took some x-rays and it wasn't looking too good. They removed the cast and i had surgery later that week. Now seven months later i still sometimes feel pain in it when doing normal things. It's not bad at all but it's quite annoying. I'm just a bit concerned how does it feel when i'm riding motocross. I haven't tried yet since it's winter and snowy. My doctor said that it can take one year to fully recover. Did you have these feelings after 7 months or so?


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Cal - mag ( calcium - magnesium) suppliments help a lot with the healing of a bone fracture. Vitamin D is a help as well. Talk to your local pharmacy or vitamin store....they should be able to point you in the right direction. :smirk:

Just passed the 2 year mark. (July 4th 2010) when I broke mine. I get a little cracking and popping now and then, but no pain. It did bother for awhile when it was about to rain, but getting better. I was lucky last year and raced about every other weekend or so and had no bad crashes. I really don't think about it while I am racing.

Post surgery I was able to ride after 4 months but I waited from July to April to race, but I am old. I race 40+B and will be able to race 50+ next year.

Hope you are doing good!

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