Rekluse clutch for 2010 450

just wondering if any 1 has heard news on the 2010 clutch for the 2010 450 sxf

im really interested in having this clutch installed on my 2010 450 sxf because of the wider ratio box would let me sit in a higher gear at lower speeds and really pull through the entire gear like a tractor would be a very nice mod

can any 1 help me with finding info on this

I have the core exp in my 2010 450sxf.. Everyone keeps saying you can swith back to normal manual clutch with a pressure plate from rekluse but bottom line is you wont. For one, when your riding with the exp you would never know its even in there until you come into a turn or something where the rpm's are low without pulling the clutch lever in the bike just will not stall. I have about 4 rides on mine I ride track and it is just awesome.. At first i just used the clutch like normal the feel is exactly the same and works exactly the same as a regular clutch then once i started to get tired Id forget about the clutch lever and just come into turns slamming brakes on and rolling the gas on.. After riding with one I cant see NOT having it now. The rekluse pro has like no clutch until the rpms are high..The exp feels exactly like a normal clutch and when you dont want to use it you dont have to. No need to go back to a pressure plate that makes it stock manual clutch its already that way. Adjusting it is easy and you need to do it after the first few rides then you can get "they say" about 6-10 rides before you need to adjust it.

Adjusting it takes literally 5 min. Take the clutch cover off, loosen 3 4mm allen screws, take the supplied little tool that slides into two holes. Back it off until its loose then tighten by hand until it gets hand tight then take a 1/4 " rachet the slides into the supplied tool and turn it in 1 full turn plus 3 tick marks (on the pressure plate)..Tighten the 3 allen slap the cover on and your done. Ive done it twice takes 5 min tops.

And know ing "when" to adjust it is simple, start the bike up pull the clutch lever in until it gets hard (about a 1/8" to 1/4") ..basically the play in the clutch once your right where it starts to get hard rev the bike up and the lever should move in about 1/8" of an inch. If that is not there or its way more you need to adjust it.

I read about these rekluse clutches for a couple years and never thought about actually dropping the cash, now that I have one I dont think I will ever ride without one.

may i please have a direct link to the product i need?

time to give my credit card a workout :bonk:

sounds awesome :bonk:

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