pumper carb kit

ok whats the Mikuni Pumper carb kit do? do all of them cost 380$ or can i build my original carb up to a pumper carb?

i plan on buying a new exhaust and header and rejetting it then i seen this pumper carb and i have no idea what it does for the bike... i got a 94 dr350se

The mechanical operation of the needle movement is completely different between the carbs, you can't alter the BST33 to operate like a pumper carb. The pumper carb has better throttle response, but doesn't really alter the peak power. Ebay might help if you want to find a cheaper than new TM33, they came stock on the dirt DR350

oh ok cool.. it really doesnt matter just curious about it.. had the bike out today and she does great just needs a few more things then next spring im taking it to cali from ohio vaction time

I bought my pumper carb for $250 shipped. arrived in 2 days from flordia, I didnt have $380 to blow so I modified the throttle tube of my bst33 tube(cut off the plastic where the 2nd wire goes), the throttle tube from the bst33 will only open 3/4 of the way without modification. I used the 'pull' throttle cable from my bst33 carb, took the other cable off. the intake boot from your bst33 will fit your tm33 pumper carb but you will need to get an adjustible clamp at the auto parts store. you will need to modify your air snorkel OR buy a dirt model air snorkel"(the piece that goes from airfilter to carb) because it is too big for the tm33. What I did was cut a V shape into the bst snorkel, and i clamped it down tight and used a little bit of RTV sealant. Pumper carb is great. I bought it cause i couldnt get my bike to run with the bst33, got tired of bruising my foot kicking it over and getting nothing. with my pumper carb it now starts on the first or second kick.

let me know if you want pictures.

The early model kick start DR350's are a bit easier to convert than the later e-start types. The pumper carb bowl will hit the top of the starter motor unless you add a 1/2 inch thick spacer on the cylinder head side of the intake boot. This will push the carb 1/2 inch closer to the airbox and allow the pumper's larger fuel bowl to just miss touching the starter motor.

Jesse's kit has this spacer, he has them machined out of aluminum.

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