heavy clutch pull... what up with that?

I replaced the factory cable with a motion pro cable a few months ago, it was a really tight fit new and has been ever since. My buddy and I traded bikes today and his has that nice light clutch feel all stock drz's have.

So what could it be? I'll try to lube the cable tomorrow but what should I check.

Gotta need lube, kinked, dirt or rust.

I've searched and read a few threads from d00ds saying they don't run any lube on cables, others saying they do and many saying what lubes work better then others. The thing is this was a brand new motion pro cable that had shotty action out of the package, so I was kinda wondering if these aftermarket cables were notoriously crappy or something.

Nothing wrong with the Motion Pro branded cables in general,, Could yours have a defect? sure.. but more likely you have a hard bend or kink in the cable, it’s misrouted, or dirty / binding clutch lever at the perch. Remove the cable, check for kinks, if none, run the cable straight from level to the cable stop on the motor.. If it does not bind,, it’s you your routing.

Unless you ride in fine powder duty areas a lot (Baja comes to mind) a wet lube like Triflow, Break-free, ect ect works well. As does the product from Cable Life which is a wet lube, but the carrier dries leaving only the graphite behind.. Often packaged with a cable lube device.

On bikes that have a clutch cable, I lube the cable… never had an issue in doing so.. Most that do, I’d bet do not lube it often enough to keep debris flushed from the housing and provide fresh lube. The cable then binds, and the "cable lubing" is blamed.

+1 for greasing the lever pivot (perch) bolt and where the cable fits into the lever

teflon based lube works for me

At one point, I had a teflon lined cable on my street bike( Terrycable?) It was sweet. Now I'm back to Motion Pro. It was sweet for a few days, but it needs lube now. I would buy the teflon lined cable again, but I always seem to be broke when something breaks.

just lube LIGHTLY with each service . mine is like new

My clutch has always been hard to pull compared to a stocker. I'm thinking it's time to really lube it or just install a new motion pro.

How do you guys suggest I lube it?

Or should I just put in a new one?

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