Sprocket Sizes on an 09KX450F

I am just wondering if anyone knows the size of the factory sprockets. Looking at changing them out and I want to make sure I get the right ones.

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want to add another question

also what is a good chain to go with as well?

Stock is 13/50... Really depends on the riding you do as to what chain. I like the x ring because I ride/race off road... O ring is good too for long wear but has a tad bit more friction.

Wide X/O-ring chains wont fit and grinds against the small knobs on the case,this is at least the case on the 06.I had a thin spacer machined to offset the sprocket and fitted a rk-xw ring chain,which in my opinion is the strongest chain out there.

I didn't have a problem with my old bike fitting an o or x ring. It was a 05 crf 450r. Could be totally different for this bike, I don't know.

definitely 13/50. I accidentally ordered a 14/50 and wow, its way too tall for the mx i ride.

If the stock sprockets are new you can just get a new chain and those will last a while.

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