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Looking to freshen up my 08'

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Hey guys,

Almost finished the season on my 08, looking to freshen the motor up abit, the valves are still in spec.

What have you guys done?

cheers for your help, prob looking to spend about 1500 aus

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I would look at the entire bike not just the motor. If the valves are still inspect, then no need to replace them unless you have a lot of time on them and just want to spend the money. I would wait until you need it and then buy a complete head so all you have to do is slap it in. :bonk:

Piston and Rings $200

Gasket Kit $45

Clutch Discs, Plates, and Springs $110

Wheel Bearings $70

Linkage Bearings $70

Shock Bearings $40

Swing Arm bearings $60

Sprockets and Chain $150

Shock Oil and Seal $50

Fork Oil, Bushings, and Seals $75

Spokes and Wheels (If needed) $400

Tires Mx51's $150

Grips $15

Throttle and Clutch Cable $50

Total $1485.00

The bike will be like new:thumbsup:

I'm loving this bike so far! I just can't get enough of it. Going to the dunes for three days this weekend. Can't wait. I just got done going through my bike and she is ready to go. Tonight I just re-greased every bearing, bebuilt both forks, rebuilt shock, put a paddle tire on, new fluids, new filters, grips, fork air bleeders, shock cover, fork seal savers, and flag.:bonk: I love going to the dunes the sand polishes the bike :bonk:.

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haha yeah, i have raced it all year, has not missed a beat. Compared to my 07 KXF250 its so much better. thanks for your help mate

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