Coming up short - Front wheel high or low?

Just soliciting some advice from you guys on this. When you guys are unlucky enough to come up short on a double/triple, etc, what do you do? I personally try to hold the front wheel up way high and pin the gas. I do this one, because I have an extreme aversion to going over the bars; two, because I have this idea in my head that maybe I'll bounce while in a wheelie and avoid casing. I have cased in the past using this technique hard enough that my feet were jarred out of the pegs and I almost went over the bars. I read an interview one time with Mike Alessi and he said he tries to land nose down when he comes up short. I actually successfully tried this two weeks ago at a track but the landing jumps were tame (as were the double/triples). And thinking about it, it seems like suicide to do this if you were really short (not even on top of the landing). Gimme some feedback!

I agree I lean back which will bring my front end up, squeeze really hard with my legs and hold her wide open haha

I think body positioning varies from jump to jump, but casing rear wheel first is pretty much the standard for any jump. But if Alessi is comfortable casing front wheel first, then more power to him.

That said, what does Guitarnut do? If it is more of a low speed, steep faced/height jump, and I can see that the case will be more of a downward drop, I first make sure that I'm on the arches of my feet, then lean back a little and raise the nose to a good angle, get into a powerful stance with my legs, and gas it hard right before touching down with my rear wheel first.

If it is a fast distance jump and I can stretch the bike far enough to where I am sure that I can get the front wheel over the knuckle, I get my chin over the bars, gas it, and let my rear wheel touch down first. On the gas hard!!

But to answer your question, front wheel high (slightly). The only time I ever land front wheel first is if the jump is hard-packed with a nice angled landing or if I'm recovering from a swap. And if you're swapped out AND casing..."Our father who art in heaven" :bonk:

if im coming up short i usually just pin it, brace myself and bend my legs, and lean back a bit. I came up short ona 120 foot quad about four weeks ago. I fractured a vertebrae, and broke a piece off another, but i did ride it out and not crash with this method. hopefully if i come up short again i wont do as much damage.

I try and land front wheel high and gas it when landing while keeping a nuetral body position. This will help prevent you from being pitched off the bike.

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