Shoulder Pain - W/ MRI

Dr. Mark,

Thanks in advance for being here answer questions....

I've been having shoulder pain for a while, so I had an MRI taken. Do you see any issues in these images? In particular where the white arrow is pointing.


andy t.



I would like to have seen some other slices, but on the basis of what I have seen, there could be a partial thickness cuff tear.

Thanks Dr. Mark.... I have the full set of images, and I have an appt w/ my Ortho on Monday. I just wanted a heads up.....

andy t.

Here are a few more slices.... If you want (are interested) in other slices or views let me know....




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added images....

I wondered about all the personal info posted in the films. I see you blurred it, good idea.

In some of the slices the suprapinatus tendon is intact and in others it looks a little frayed...probably partial tear and and poor healing. What are your symptoms besides pain? What motions aggravate your pain?

That is a high grade partial tear. In a Granny, its no big deal. In an anthlete it will need to be repaired.

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