Is it Worth it?????????

I found a 2001 ttr 125 locally here that will need the bottom end replaced, he said it had locked up and local Yamaha dealer pulled top end and said problem was bottom end. Looking at buying it for my wife to ride but don't really know if it is worth the money for it and me fixing it myself. I can buy it for $75.00, what do ya'll think?

Sounds like a fun project that if you ever change your mind on you can get 3 times what you paid for it back by parting it out on ebay. :bonk:

The rear hub is worth that alone if it isn't cracked. I'd grab it without hesitating.

$75???!! Get it. Now!

Get it yesterday!!!!!! I would drive from California to the east cost to get it, because I know I could get $1000 ebaying it towards my gas and hotel money.

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If not for just ebaying it, if you could put into rideable condition for a couple hundred bucks and sell it outright for $750, you'd still coming out on top in the end.

I wonder why 75, though. That's just weird.


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