2010 YZ450f Where in the mid-west can i find one???

I have checked with multiple dealers in iowa and surrounding states and no body has an answer as of when they are getting one. not to mention that they are only getting one or two(What the hell Yamaha?) I dont want to put a deposit down at a dealer and not have a clue as when i will be getting my bike???? Does anybody no where a dealer will have a clue as to when they will get one????

a dealer in green bay wi has already had 2 and sold 2, i forget their name

what most of the people ive talked to say no dealer in the US have one yet. get the name of dealer.

this dealership has 2 of them, they also want 9500 bones for it too..

L.A. Yamaha

(310) 773-4591

the listing is for A 250F, an i called the number an talked to the sale guy an he said that they should of had there first ones yesterday, so any day now but they where already spoken for . he did say that they where in yamaha s ware house i the good usa. how long will they make us wait ? he also said that hi next round of bike would be about 2-3 weeks out.

devonn, why don't you check before you post? I just spoke to LA yamaha, they don't have any in stock... just waiting like the rest of us.....

Yea. No ones got it. I have the first one at LA yamaha and the first one at long beach on hold.

devonn, why don't you check before you post? I just spoke to LA yamaha, they don't have any in stock... just waiting like the rest of us.....

thats not what their website says


if you request a instant quote it says they have them in stock for 9499

, and next time try to spell my name right :bonk:

Dirt Rider was testing a production 2010 YZF 450 yesterday at Piru. They said they just received their bike on Tuesday so the first shipments must just be coming in. I spoke to the test riders and they all said the bike rocked. Karel Kramer said the YZF was like a Husaberg! I am not really sure what he meant by that comment.

They were also testing the 2010 KTM and Kawi 450's. They said all three bikes were great but said the KTM was the big suprise. The revised frame geometry, bladder forks, revised shock and 5 speed made a huge difference over the 09 bike in their opinion. Some even mentioned they liked the KTM over the Yamaha. I was kinda suprised to hear this. Either way it sounds like the 2010 bikes are going to be great, well maybe not the Honda(and I am a Honda guy).

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