Storing Steel Tank

What is the best way to store a stock steel tank.?

Dry w /cap on dry w/cap off, Leave fuel in or slosh

some trans oil or similar? Getting a plastic tank

so steel may be stored a long time. Thanks

With the temperature variations in your location you will get rust unless you do something about it. If you could store it in the house cap off it should be fine. If it has to live in an unheated garage I would try to get it coated with grease. Perhaps chain wax would work. Otherwise I would dissolve some grease in solvent like naptha or perhaps gasoline and swish it around. Let the solvent dry and that should protect it for a long time. The goal is to get a good coat of grease on the inside.

Buy a couple gals of the cheapest oil you can find and fill tank.

cost about 20 bucks.

Breakfree CLP collector. its for guns, but metal is metal and rust is rust. id buy a couple bottles and pour em in, and slosh around, then drain and keep extra. its specifically made for long term rust prevention.

What I would probably do is make sure the inside is completely clean and free of moisture, then use fogging oil in it followed by a big packet of silica gel and maybe an oxygen absorber. Plug the vent, shut off the valve, and it should be good for years.

Thanks for bringing this up. I have a stock tank (off the bike) in perfect condition and I didn't do anything to preserve it. It was also in an unheated garage.

When I looked in there, it still looked great but I poured a couple quarts of oil in it , sloshed it around then drained it out. I'll be keeping it indoors now. I'd hate to see a good tank go bad.

And while I'm at it, I must say, the shiny stock tank sure does look nice. Too bad it's not suitable for off road adventures.

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