Rear Tire

I am looking for a new rear tire for my 87 XL600r. Bike mainly runs on road with about 20 percent offroad. My big problem is i want i wicked looking/performing offroad tire.

I also want a tire that will last me 1 season wear wise (1500kms) I want it too hook big time off road. I also don't want it to wear down to half tread in 500 km's of hard tarmac driving.

I will sacrafice hard top performance for when i realy need it in the dirt, as thats the only reason i ride a xl vs a real street bike.

Any options will be considered. Tire must be street legal. Thanks.

IRC Vulcanduro.

I ran the IRC 5.10x17 inch rear on my XR500. It was the best tire available. However, I don't think it is street legal. Take a look at the Kenda Trackmaster II in 130/90x17. It is street legal and is an aggressive tire.

I used the IRC GP-110's for awhile and was very happy with em. They lasted well beyond my expectations. They leaned more toward the street but did quite well on the gravel roads. I've since put 17's on the 650 but the stock wheels still have the IRC's on them.

Old pic..


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