Dean Wilson to Pro-Circuit Kawasaki


repost. . .

repost. . .

Yeah, I saw it after the fact in the "Keep an eye on this CANDIAN!!!" thread. Oh well, if nothing else, it brings more attention to his signing. :bonk:


Ya for sure I was just being a smart ass so don't mind me:smirk:

Ya for sure I was just being a smart ass so don't mind me:smirk:

It's all good bro, I've been known to be one myself. :bonk:

I know his people his home country of scotland are proud

I know his people his home country of scotland are proud

Yeah, just like everyone from Jeff Ward's birth country rooted him on on his way to all those MX & Trophee des Nations wins. Kickinthegroin.gif


Looks like he's gonna be an American now. :bonk:

I know his people his home country of scotland are proud

Man the only reason you posted in this thread was to stir up shit in regards to Dean's nationality!! Go away TROLL!!!! Thats all you doing is trying to pick a fight that cannot be won and shouldn't be faught over!! Think whatever you like:thumbsup: Why are you SOOO set on announcing/dissproving his nationality? Does it have any relevence to him being signed to Pro Circuit?

That being said, :canada:GO DEAN GO!!!:bonk: Congrats to him I wish him the best of luck and hopefully he'll put in some good results!!

we are sorry you don't understand

we are sorry you don't understand


Could you be any more lame? :bonk::lol::bonk:

This is my first post on TT.

I would just like to say congratulations to Dean. I am from Scotland and I used to race with his dad, Andy in his old mother land. They came over to our local track the week after the MXoN with his cousin and Dean was having a blast round the place, he was absolutely hauling!!! Such a cool wee (it means little) guy, had agreat laugh with them all and I'm hoping to head out to Cali some time next year to catch a supercross.

It was a pity he didn't ride for the UK at the Nations (or more specifically, Scotland) but raced for Canada instead. Oh well, our loss.

It's amazing how many legends we send over to you American guys, Wardy, Dean and I think McGrath's Dad is Scottish. James Stewart? That's definately a Scottish name!:bonk:

Dean got his speed from trainin in cali with tony blood.

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