Shock questions on the xr650L

I have a 1993 xr650L and the shock bushing is done. It litterally crumbled as I lifted it up. I am looking into a new shock and I found a XR650 XR 650 OEM SHOWA SHOCK 00-08 2007. On ebay. i am wondering what years are compatible with the 93 XR650L. I mainly use this on the street with some offroad use. I have a xrs only lowering link installed and I weigh 150 lbs. Any suggestions would be great. I think it is the original shock that is in there. I may be able to upload pics tomorrow. (dayligth) Needed. Is the XR600R shock different than the XR650 L?

The R and the L parts are not interchangeable. I'm not sure about the 600 parts fitting on an L.

the L and 600R shocks are not identical...different lengths by about 1/2" may work but there may be additional issues with the linkage, ride height and properly setting the sag...i believe the 650R shock is also a different length and different mounting.

replacing the shock bushing will usally be easier and cheaper than buying even a used shock...u can ether get the OEM bushing or several companies offer aftermarket bushings. :bonk:

i've got a gud used L shock and a used "parts" shock i purchased in transit...i plan on documenting servicing(oil change) and shim change to improve it's performance.


The replacement part is about $60. Bore the hole oversize and replace the metric with an English part for $10.

Thank you

Any suggestion on the size of the bushing or compatible bushings. This is for the bushing at the bottom of the shock shaft inside the shock coil. I think it is about two inches in diamet and 2.5 inches high but not sure.

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