What's The Longest You've Had To Ride Home At Night With No Headlight?

So my headlight shit the bed on me again tonight... this time leaving me deserted by myself out in the woods, 9.5 miles away from home with almost no moonlight(7% moon tonight), and tons of mud and huge puddles everywhere from all the rain we've had lately. It was dark as hell and humid out so my damn goggles kept fogging up too, making it even harder to see.

Fortunately, all of the puddles on the trail allowed me to actually see a bit better in the more open areas of the trail because the puddles reflected the tiny bit of the color of the night sky and let me see where the trail went so long as I drove through the puddles the whole way. I was able to do mostly lugging RPM's in 3rd gear and even a little bit of lugging 4th gear in some short stints of spots where the trail is a little wider and I know there are no trees or big bumps... but the last 2.5 miles were deadly treacherous because the trail gets real narrow and curvy and the trees on either side become very dense and are real tall, so they completely block out any light from above. I had to do that section in mostly 1rst and 2nd gear and there were parts that I couldn't even tell if I was still on the trail or not because it was almost pitch black, so I had to stop and walk the bike while feeling in front of me with my hands for trees in those real real bad spots.

Despite being a waste of a riding night, it was still a fun experience to get through and should make for a nice story to tell my coworkers tomorrow at work. :bonk:

I keep a clip-on 5-LED headlight in my carry pouch for situations just like this, but the trails were so wet with deep puddles tonight that it was completely soaked and must have shorted out, because when I pulled it out to use it, I couldn't get it to turn on, even though I had it wrapped in some plastic.

This is the second headlight that's died on me in my XR250 this riding season... the last one was in May or June. I would have figured a headlight would have more of a lifespan than the 80 or 90 hours I've ridden since replacing the last one. My first thought was that maybe the wires going to the bulb got super wet from all the puddles and shorted out, but that's never happened to me before.. and after pulling the bulb, sure enough.. it was all black inside and burned out.

Does anyone else have any good stories about this kind of thing happening to them?

I had my headlight go out about 7 miles from home while riding on the street with a few friends. I took my friends LED flashlight and clipped it on the front of the bike just so people could see me. It wasn't nearly what you had to go through. I just rode between my two friends on their bikes and they escorted me home. Still thought the cop we passed was going to pull me over when he saw the three dirtbikes (all street legal) ride by.

ya that sucks iv been there but mine wasnt as bad i was riding back from my x-girls house at midnight on dirt rodes with my xr250r and 15 miles from my house the light when out but mine had been in there for 5 years of dry river bed riding and the new bulb has got 3 years on it.

My light didn't go out on me, but I did discover it was pointed into the sky one night I went for a ride, it was the only time I left my toolkit at home.

I rode home standing up physically pushing the light down to illuminate the trail. Not really dangerous or scary, but definitely a PITA.

Back when I had the original 6v system, I got stranded at work. When one blows, they all join about a nano-second later. Well, 11pm and I'm 15mi from home. I can call the wife, have her wake the kids and come get me (and never here the end of it)...............or just gun it home. Well, I got about .5mi from the house and LEO got me. He said there were reports of a dirtbike haulin' azz down the highway with no lights on (sad, but true!). I was fully documented, so he didn't give me a ticket. I told him it only went out a few miles back. Still, he made me push it home that last little bit. He even followed me in his patrol car just to make sure. Wife was pissed, but only because I didn't get the ticket. She gets em' all the time! Serves her right for being a woman!

I was riding single track in the mountains behind my house and killed the motor on a very steep downhill section. Pitch black out. I was able to get her stopped and kicked back to life, but man, what a eye opener!

Since then I've added a baja designs 50 watt bulb with the glass lens, and a revloc clutch so she doesn't die on me anymore. :smirk:

Was 14, riding my Suzuki ALP200 around this time of year in the mountains by myself... Headlight was working fine and everything then suddenly it just died on me.:smirk:

About 10 miles from home deep in the woods at this point. Only one indicator worked, so I rode home on that. You know when (say on the left) the front indicator works but the rear doesn't and the working light flashes with longer gaps between each flash? Yeah..... that was a fun evening.:ride:

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