yz85 rear tire

My kid has is geeting bigger each minute and to convert his yz 85 to a big wheel is to costly. I see that Kawasaki and suzuki 85s use a 15 inch rear rim. Can I use one of this size on the rear and a 19 inch on the front.

In a word ...YES! to use 17-19 wheels yamaha sells a kit to convert it.Comes with a swing arm wheels brake lines,chain,and some other small stuff.I have seen guys do it with out the swing arm but you will have no adj for the chain! We have 2 yz superminis and I was able to get the stuff off e-bay!kx still has a 100 that uses big wheels but not sure how much longer they will be around! good luck!

Thanks for your help, If I have no room for chain adjustment it will only run with the 47 thooth rear sproket.

Also a buddy of mine is good on welding and mechanics can I adjust a rear swing arm from an ttr 125 or Yz 125??

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