FMF 4.1 Durability

Hey guys, been looking at getting an FMF 4.1 (slip on) exhaust with the stainless mid pipe and titanium canister. I was wondering how well these hold up. Are they durable? Looking to put it on an 08 RMZ250. I really am not looking for a pipe that requires lots of maintenance or is junk in 20 hours. In my opinion, it should go at least 100 hours with only repacking required. Any input from others using this slip on would be appreciated.

They are a good quality pipe, but every pipe requires some maintenance. I've got 65 hours on the one on my 450 with no major issues. I repack it every 12 hours, but if you do not ride hard you won't have to repack it as often (like any pipe). The only "issues" I've had with these pipes are the anodized version fades over time from heat and use, it turns from a nice bright blue to a dull blue, the stickers peel off over time from heat and washing, and the rivets on the top mount got a little loose at about 45 hours (no big deal, took me 10 minutes to put new rivets in). These issues are typical on most pipes though.

Awesome pipe...very durable:thumbsup:

Thanks for your thoughts guys. I could understand the rivots. Almost anything on a dirt bike should get some kind of maintenance check. Any others that have had issues? I have heard others talk about poor fit up to the bike. I am sure this can be model specific so if anyone has mounted one up for an 07 or 08 RMZ 250, I would appreciate your thoughts on fit.

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