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Need Tire Recommendations DR350SM

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Hey everyone,

I'm just finishing up building my DR350/DRZ400 hybrid supermoto, and I could use some tire recommendations for the rear.

I'm running a 120/70-17 Michelin Pilot Race (soft) on the front.

For now, since this is an underpowered bike, I'm trying a 120/65-17 Michelin Pilot Sport (front) tire on the rear. I'm not expecting too much from the little rear, so I'm preparing to buy another rear tire strictly for track use.

The Bridgestone BT003 140/70 looks good, can anyone comment on what you have found to be a good rear SM tire for an underpowered bike? I don't have much torque, won't even wheelie w/o clutch, but SCREAMS from 5-9,000+, so should work well on the track I hope.

Here's where I'll be riding: http://www.p1kartcircuit.com/

Anyone in Tucson wanna go?

Thanks for your help and suggestions!


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Between sessions play with tire pressures. A few psi high or low make a big difference in handling and tire temp on the track. For me about 26 psi cold front and rear was a good place to start. Have fun! I run the Bridgestone bt090 thats standard on the new Yamaha 250 supermoto on the rear. Sticks well esp. on the track, but wears fast. Go to the DRZ400 forum and search "hooligan mod". Lots of guys have posted their tire choices and why, with the same wheel set up. Good info there!:bonk:

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I just installed a 160/60-17 pilot power I got for free (used) from a local dealership. On my 3-1/2" wheel, it makes the tread wrap around the sidewalls like a slick. The tread ends up parallel with the wheel, so no matter how far I lean, there will always be a chicken strip of some sort - I'll never be able to run off the edge of the tire.

I need to modify a couple spacers on the rear axle to move the rear tire about 1/8" or so to the right, it's just barely touching the chain, but there is room on the right to the swingarm.

Can't wait to try it out with the new tire. I also scored a couple used front pilot powers 120/70's, that are in pretty good shape and that are about an inch taller than my lo-profile power race front.

With stiffened preload, and these tires, I can't wait for some tight turns.


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I just installed a 160/60-17 pilot power I got for free (used) from a local dealership. On my 3-1/2" wheel,

Is that safe?

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that depends if you were talking about it being used ( although in good shape) or being installed on a 3-1/2" rim...

In light of yesterday's events though, I'm questioning it too.

I went out to get gas, and stopped by a friends house to show him the "new" rubber, and say goodbye for the summer, he was leaving in the morning for his other house in Colo.

He took one look at it, and said he could find a few extra minutes for one last ride, and he'd meet me at my house in a few minutes.

I vaguely remember riding out of my driveway, and that's where my memory ends.

The next thing I knew, I was hurting like hell, my bars were bent, my helmet shield was missing, and I was following him and we were just turning onto the frontage road.

Apparently, from what he told me, I was about 2 minutes ahead of him, and he came around a turn and saw my bike about 150 feet off the road, and I was lying motionless flat on my back about 75 feet beyond the bike. He thought I was dead, until he ran up to me and my eyes were open. He said we talked, and I seemed lucid, so he pushed my bike back up to the road, and said I kickstarted it, and started following him slowly back home.

There is a nearly complete, 2-1/2+ hour gap in my memory.

Judging from the damage to me, and the bike, somehow it appears that I (we?) may have slid out to the left, and possibly highsided after that, since the bars are bent forward on the left, the left handlebar switch is toast, the taillight is smashed, the back of my Arai RX7RR is all scraped up, and everything that hurts is on the back of me. Same with my AGV's, all scraped up on the back. Thank God for leathers & helmets!

I left the E.R. at 5 am this morning, and after ct scans of my head, neck and spine, and x-rays of a bunch more parts, they said I didn't break anything so sent me home.

I looked at the tires on the bike for wear marks, and I was on the gas till the end. There are 1/2" or a little more chicken strips on the right side, (considering the edge of the tire was parallel with the rim, and probably realistically unapproachable on anything short of a fully up to temp race slick, and I'd even question that) but NONE on the left, which I'm taking to mean I must have spun out to the left at some point after leaving the road. All the wear marks are going around the tire in the direction of travel, not across as in a slide.

SO... that poses the question: Had I been running a 140 tire that kept it's designed profile on my rim, would I still be this sore? That goes for the front Pilot Power Race soft compound as well, because even though it's a 120, it's a 60 series and it is a little pinched as well and would do better on a 3-1/2 to 4" rim, than on my narrow 3".

So, is it safe to mount an oversize tire on a narrow rim? although it looks cool, I'm thinking no. Either that, or the tires still weren't up to temp after 30+ miles of 70-90 mph hills & curves.

I do remember one specific turn though, because I was looking for it. I had run that road on my ZRX1100 a few times, and this one place you came up a small but abrupt hill, and then there was a slightly off-camber hard left turn immediately ahead. On my 1100, unless I was REALLY hanging off, the pegs would drag solidly all the way through the turn, at apx. 60-65mph.

I was looking for that turn now, because with the bigger tire, and much more rear preload I wouldn't have any clearance issues. I remember taking that turn at a little over 8500 rpm's in 6th gear, and it stuck like glue, didn't even feel like I was pushing it. I would guesstimate that to be 85+ mph, with the 15/45 gearing I was running with the 160/17 tire.

Sounds like time for a tire change, and a session with a hypnotherapist to remind me I'm not 20 any more... OUCH!

Anybody need a 120/60-17 or 120/65 Michelin front tire, (pilot Power Race soft, and Pilot Sport) barely scuffed in? I'll need to sell them, to afford new ones...

At least I'll live to try it again... eventually, once my concussion heals...

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