28mm carb on 125cc engine

I was just worrying will a tm-1 28mm pumper carb with drz250 airboot run on the klx125l stock engine.:bonk::bonk::bonk:

Ok I went head and try the 28mm pumper carb on the klx125l stock engine. well it work!!!. start on first kick and run very well. The only problem i can get is the throttle cable while it hook up the the carb.I can't put my gas tank on with out it leaning to the side.It seem like the two cables is just in the way of the gas tank.Anyone have a idea how I can fix this problem.Here so pic and video i took of my 2004 klx125l.







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Is it the petcock that is hitting, I know norcal runs this carb anf I remember him saying you have to turn the petcock and "mod" the frame a little.

I haven't check the petcock to see if it was hitting it. but i did see the two cable that hook up to the carb in the way of the gas tank as I was sitting it down on the frame

can you take the front mounts off the tank and space them out then use longer bolts ? Or you may have to cut and weld the cable bracket that attaches to the carb to shorten it up.

Nice job now get it all back together and give us the full report on how it works.

Not that this will help much, it's just a thought -

I am using the non pumper TM28, without the push/pull throttle, on a TTR. It fits way better, since it is doesn't have the added height and width of the diaphram assembly and the cable wheel.

In your case attempting to lower the carb or making it closer to the head may help. Custom fab'd carb adapters or something along those lines might be what you need.


you have to turn the petcock around,we did mod the frame a bit.we also reshaped the gas tank with heat where it hit the carb.we used an oem drz250 carb the cable bracket is fairly straight and does not have a bend in it.our carb sits at a slight angle and the cable bracket or cables will hit the frame.

I hope it want be a problem but can you take a pic on the gas tank and the side of the carb that the cable is on.and I Have a 2001 drz250 carb what is your model carb. cause my bracket sit up high and is hit the gas tank.Oh yea I Check the carb to see if it was hitting the petcock and yes it is. It hit right on the top of the choke.So i have two problem now.1.the bracket 2.the choke.

the pic of the tank will not do you any good you will not be able to really see any thing its just pushed in were needed.also i do not beleve that the carb you have is a OEM suzuki carb the cable bracket is different.our carb is a 2004 drz250 but its the same as the 2001.go to babbitsonline.com and pull up the 2001 or2004 drz250 and look at the bracket.you will not have a problem with the choke turn the petcock around, and as far as the bracket goes i dont think that you will be ab to get the bracket you have to work you need the OEM style bracket to make this all work.

Can you just purchase the bracket off another website.Cause i don't see a number beside the bracket so they must not sell it.

no, i have only seen them with the carbs that is why we went with the OEM carb

I just email some of the website that sold the drz250 carb about selling me a bracket.They may or may not do it.But it worth a try.Where did you hook up yourtube breather that run from the engine to the airbox on stock klx125l but since I put the drz250 boot on it have no place to be hook up.

we run a KN filter for the breather

were can you find the KN filter that fit on the hose

any shop should be able to get the filter

like i said you have to reshape it where ever it hits.did you get the other cable bracket i do not see it on the carb?if you dont get the other bracket i do not think you will be able to get it to work.

no one sale the just the bracket they sale the whole carb. you don't have one from a old carb

sorry no

Otey which bracket do you have and what one do you need ? send me a photo . I've got 3 of those carbs and one is just for parts so I might be able help out

if I have the correct one.

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