2009 SXF 250 $5400 otd a good deal?

I'm buying a new 2009 sxf 250 and the dealer said the best they could do was $5400 otd, is that a good price or should I wait for the 2010?

OTD?Thats a very good price. There selling 08's 250sxf for that much here.

I wish I could find one for that!

really that good of a deal?

Out here 08's are going from $5600-6600 OTD from what Ive seen.

really that good of a deal?

For an '09 that's a great deal. If you doubt that it is, just post the dealer name and someone else will probably go pick it up this week.

Shoals Outdoor Motorsports (google it) Ask for Mark Donovan, great guy sold me a bike today very helpful and if i remember right had an 09 250sxf for cheap!!! Might be worth the phone call. Hope this helps!

Well I'm probably backing out on the deal so if anyone here is interested give Florida Motorsports a call at (850) 575-0305

wow, someone's gotta snap that up. I couldn't buy a used 08 for that up here. That's crazy!

My dealers got a 09 250sxf for $5800. It was there demo model. Let me know if your interested in it.

Like I said I had to back out on the deal but now cause I had the bike ordered for me I have to wait until it sells before i get my money back. I wish I could do something about this but I got orders overseas and I have to leave next month. Give Kent a call about the bike


That doesn't sound right. Did you sign a contract with them? Is there anything in writing that you signed that states this is fact?


Well a purchase agreement was signed. He had to order the bike for me so unfortunately I'm stuck with it now.

You are getting screwed. Insist that you get your money back - or get a good lawyer. This is a crock - there is no way they can hold your money 'til it sells.

Well a purchase agreement was signed. He had to order the bike for me so unfortunately I'm stuck with it now.

OK, but does anything that you signed state that they can hold your money until the bike is sold? A Purchase Agreement is not a Bill of Sale. People put down payments on cars all the time and change their minds. You still get the money back. Have you paid for the bike in full or did you give a down payment?

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