CRF 450r on streets and highway OK?

Hey guys I have a street legal 02 CRF 450r, just wondering if it's gonna be ok for me to cruise on the street or even freeway. I heard I might top out at 55mph but is this speed still ok for the bike to handle or will something start to stress? Has anyone run there's on the street or highway?

i have the same bike, in sumo trim if i plan on doing a lot of freeway i run 15-39 gearing, around town run 15-45. Plan on replacing chain guides and sliders a lot, they wear fast with small sprockets. with 15-39 gearing you can cruise around 80mph, the limiter is around 115ish, 1st gear does 35ish though, so plan on upping the trans fluid changes.

Thanks for info! Still gonna use it 50/50 on the dirt so gonna try a 15/46

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