09 rear fender to 03-07 kx250

My buddy gave me his 09 kx250f rear fender so I decided to see exaclty how "hard" it was to get the thing to work on my 07 kx250. It does not fit well. I have some idea to make it work and will post pictures as it progresses. I have it lined up how I want but I will need to make some brackets and also using some old RM plastic (you'll see a little later) to make it flush.

I plan on putting the 09 number plate, front fender and shrounds on here in the next few weeks. It definetly looks good with the 09 rear fender. Here are some pics:




Makes the swingarm look real short.

Wow yeah it does. And the fender is even a little bit shorter than the kx fender.

I think most of those thumpers all have abnormally long rear fenders. Most notably the 2010 YZ....FUGLY!

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