Rampart trail 692/bearcreek loop

Who has done this and how hard is it really?



If its the one behind the Sprucewood, its very technical. The ride back to the cut off is fine but once you cut off you get into some rocks, rocks and more rocks. Its do-able and fun though, if thats what your looking for.

692 is as close to technical enduro riding as you will find at Rampart. Steep hills, some rocks. Good tires are a must. It is really tore up coming up the last steep hill unless they have worked on it since I last did it. Not typical of the other Rampart trails.

I ask because on the rampart map they have powerline reated as Medium to Hard, While I have not ridden it end to end (rrroad and the hwy to flatrocks) I haven't seen a single reason why this trail should be rated Hard anywhere.

To me hard is squeezing between two trees between two rocks that are tire width apart.

Powerline is more intimidating than anythihng else. The hardest thing is watching for other riders when you come over the top of some of those hills.

Maybe I have just missed the boat completly


The Bearcreek loop is way different than the trails like the powerline. I really don't think anything at Rampart is technical except Bearcreek and that rates pretty high.


Thanks!!! Its nice to know that my idea of technical isn't that far off. After I read that I asked myself if I was a better rider than i thought I was or was this trail just not as hard as advertised. I will take option two to be safe.

Racemile :):D

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