CR85 Rear Shock Mod - Spring Source?

Hey guys... did anyone ever find a good source for heavier springs to put on the CR85 rear shock?

I know there were mentions of Reager (spelling?) for suspension but is that who you guys were actually using to revalve the shock as well?

That's got to be the biggest thing holding the CRF150 back. Every time I ride it - it's a handful!

Clue me in - did some searches and there were a lot of questions, just not sure I saw a concrete answer anywhere.


Mikeee P

I called Factory Connections for the correct spring rate and used theirs. Seems to be working just fine, no complaints.

I just bought a 6.2 kg spring for a CR85 shock from Reger for use on my son's 150. Other than it being about 10mm longer than the stock spring (which made it tough to install), it's working out pretty good!


Nice, thanks for the replies guys.


Just ordered a Fox shock that is actually designed for the 150f from Reger, can't wait!!!

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