is the yahama v star 250 more powerfull then the honda rebel 250?

will it cruse at 80 better then the rebel? how is the mpg so much higher? what year did they start making it the v star 250?

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i think it would be a close race for last. they will probably do 80 but that is going to be clapped out.

well based on experience with the rebel i wouldnt b surprised if the yamaha is more powerful.. i weigh 155 lbs and the rebel will only go a max of 76mph. and going down a 2 mile hill it goes about 85... i would suggest something a little more powerful

the thing about it is I want a cheap reliable awesome mpg bike that I wouldn't mind stolen. The only larger cc bikes I can afford are carburated and get less then 50mpg and are big and bulky.

I am going to Bolivia and most of the roads down there are not 80mph full out texas highway. The 250 twins would be perfect down there. plus the 250s are easy to manover in tough mud areas, easy to load into boats and portage.

edit: also no oil filter is nice on the honda, dont have to carry a bag o' filters or cleaning supplys for a stainless. The maintenance is so easy on those 250s it is perfect for a 3rd world country.

Had a Virago 250, 1996? Anyway, it was an awesome, fun bike, never had a single problem. I had it wide open everywhere, never worried about it being abused. Tried different sprockets, opening the exhaust and intake, nothing really helped. It sucked on the highway, but would get above 85 in the right circumstances, but couldn't get above 70 in other circumstances. If you plan on doing a lot of highway, go for the 500. That being said, I used to ride it 600 miles round trip to college, it would do fine on 70 mph roads, except the range sucked, around 100 miles I think. I stopped every 80 miles, because I didn't want to push 120 miles till the next stop. That was in Florida, I wouldn't want to ride it on a highway in a hilly area.

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