DID X ring chain on 250f?

In a bit of an impulse buy i grabbed a DID x ring (same as i use on my 300exc) for my 06 YZ 250f.

Previously i ran a VT2 DID which is the narrow type and lightweight.

Will i have problems running the wider/heavier chain on this bike?

I gather it will just chew itself through the chain guide and make itself a new groove.

I am not worried about extra drag i just want long life as i plan to match it up with a stealth steel sprocket out back.

The VT2 and standard steel sprocket seemed to wear out prematurely.


I've 150 hrs on my x-ring. no issues at all.

It will be fine, just watch the master link clip for wear though. The tight fit in the chain guide makes them wear off fairly fast on my yz250 which I believe has the same chain guide as yours.

BTW, I've got 50 hours on my RK XW-ring and have adjusted it twice since I put it on, its nice to say the least!

Thanks for the reassurance, as for the clip link i usually go thru 2 or 3 in the life of the chain.

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