Official: KTM 2011 concept bike

The real bike should be shown at the EICMA motorshow in november.


Looks nice and back to linkage too.

Any idea on new items/tech, any specs?

No info, we'll have to wait till november 10th

The 250 SXF and the new 350 SXF will have the FI. 450 F probably still won´t.

There are lots of pics of the new 350 floating around all over the place. Although it still has the current body work on it, you can easily look over the new frame, linkage, motor, and EFI.

If the new bodywork is similar to what is in that rendering, I am really liking it!

That looks nice.Scrub the linkage tho!

That looks nice.Scrub the linkage tho!

why would you do that? the PDS is no replacment for a linkage.

That looks nice.Scrub the linkage tho!

Yep. Want the performance of linkage? About eight other companies make a bike for you. Want the low maintenance/light weight/ground clearance of no linkage? One company makes your bike, and only for the near future apparently.

Looks really cool.Can't wait to see the real thing.

'S gonna suck with no front spokes. What a dumb idea.


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