C4MX- does anybody know about these guys?

This months' TransWorld MX has a nice test of the '09 YZ 250F modded by these guys. They report that the mods are just fantastic and fairly inexpensive, at least at the level of mods to their bike for this test. So I check out their website and their services look pretty good. As an owner of a YZ 250F, I know that at some point the motor will have to gp to the engine hospital and I am wanting to have a plan for when that day comes. Has anyone dealt with these guys and if so...what did you think? Is this shop professional and quality?

I have never used them don't know. But Jesse @ WilliamsMotoWerx is a proven guru with great prices. No nedd to look anywhere else!!!!!!

c4mx was a factory yamaha guy, has done great carb mod's on a couple of my 450's, can't find a better guy .

I think mxa did a test from them too...

In that test c4mx sent the products out to a different tuner....then assembled it.

I found that...interesting.

I just went to his website. $14 spark plugs???? $25.00 carb needles???? $500.00 labor to take apart and reassemble an engine (with nothing done other than cleaning and inspection)???? I do not think so. How about $3 spark plug, $15.00 needles, $250.00 to do the engine.

Sounds to me like we have some wishful thinking going on at C4MX........ Someone has to pay for the Ruf.......

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