gasgas maintainance

tore my bike down last week,big deal!anyways guys ,check the welds on your mid muffler and learn to pick the bike up by the swing arm......yeah right! 2 broken brackets,one at the shock and the other joke, also if you take off the rubber boot behind the fan it can be lubed.check the rear brake resevoir and the hose going to the caliper!cleaned up the funky wiring harness as well.more findings at 11!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Fester, here's what I did for my Mid Muffler Brackets from breaking at the welds etc... I put a aluminum strap from the Lower Rear Brake Master Cylinder bolt to the Silencer outside bolt/screw where it joins to the Mid Muffler, so when it falls on it side or need to lift it from the Silencer I'm pulling up on the strap to the frame. This works on My 04 Pro. .. The New Models, the Silencer is part of the Mid Muffler so I don't about those. I'll need to Own a New Gasser to tinker with it.

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