SM to DIRT, chain link and gearing

Somonehow my previous post never made it so let me try again,

Just picked up some S wheels for my SM. After researching old threads I ordered the following:

2 x 120 link 520chain

1 x 14t sprocket

1 x 15t

1 x 44t

1 x 47t

I know the following links are required for these combos:

14/41 110 link

15/41 110 link

15/44 112 link

I have three questions:

1. What are link chain is needed for the following:



2. I had ordered two chains because I intended to keep one chain for dirt and the other for street. I will be riding street through the week and dirt on teh weekend. After thinking about it, doesn't chaging that often wear out the clip link really quickly? Will I not need a new clip each time?

3. For those of you that change between dirt and street setups do you use one chain or different chains? And why did you choose your method? I'm trying to figure out which is more difficult or has the most compromise.

I can't wait to get dirty:banana:

112 links

I run the 15-47 setup on my dirt wheels. The 14-47 setup is factory for the E model...and the e model has 112 links from the factory.

I use the 15/44 for street and 15/47 for dirt. Same chain. My chain is way over due for replacement but has lasted 9000kms off and onroad with no issues.

i'm running 14/41 for street right now so it shouldn't be a noticable diff when I go 15/44. But I'm wondering how is the 15/47 for the dirt riding you do? Does it work well?

I do dual sport riding with this ratio. It works well for that. If I was going to tight and slow...I'd opt for the grunt of an even deeper ratio.

I topped out the rev limiter the other day in 5th around 95 MPH indicated with the 15-47 and dirt wheels and tires. So obviously there is room to go deeper if you need the grunt.

But with my 475...there is plenty of torque for "accidental" wheelies.

Im currently running 110 links on 14-47 w dirt wheels and 112 links w 15-39 on SM wheels I could run 110 links on the SM set-up

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bad info

14-41 on my sm , havent counted the chain :bonk:

I only run 15/48 for dirt mostly use. You will need two chains unless you change out both sprockets each time and find a combo that uses the same length chain. You should replace your master link each time you change the chain. They run around $2.50 each. I would get tired of changing every week, thats just me.

key is to swap wheels w/o breaking the chain. I run 15/44 street and 14.47 dirt with original S chain. You do have a lot of adjustment with the "seashells" on the S. SM Axle Blocks - swingarm is not as quick of an adjustment.

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