You may have seen other threads on this but I thought it deserved a new one too.

I bought Warp9 wheels second hand from a guy claiming to be down on his luck. The wheels seemed to have several problems which was really frustrating. Turned out he was actually stealing wheels from Warp9 and incorrectly assembling them - hence the problems.

I contacted the owner of Warp9, Jason Neeley, and told him what happened and he took care of everything, I didn't have to pay a dime more.

So in the end, it took a little time, but I got a really great set of wheels for a really great price.

Now that is one hell of a guy! I would not have held it against him if he had said "I'm sorry but you bought stolen goods. I ain't fixing 'em."

He's good peeps. Was the transgressor prosecuted?

I sure hope the transgressor is prosecuted, but I don't really know anything about that.

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