mud runner

i want a good 4 wheeler for the woods and mud i want it to be good in the mud idc about if its sport or utility

A riding buddy has the Kawi Brute Force and that thing does mud like a hot knife through butter. It helps that he is a good rider, but still the quad does mud well.

honda 4man best atv out there

polaris 850xp

depends on what you want an want to spend any of the quads above plus the outlander 800 are good quads but your gonna pay $$$$$.I have a 98 suzuki king quad fwd w a 15 speed tranny and that thing while not the fastest or most powerful will go thru some amazing crap an pull some amazing crap . I paid 1600 for it AND I do not regret my decision plus I like it that it has a mechanical trans an not a belt that if it breaks will leave you stranded.WHy cant any 1 make a quad w500-800 cc and have a 5 spd ultra lo an differential lock w 4 wd that dont break the damn bank?I use it for both yard work an recreational riding.

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