Pro circuit T-4 vsT-4R?

A friend order a full system exhaust for his 450X. the can he got says T-4R. I checked the PC webpage but there is not much info in there. I noticed that for the T4R you can get just the replacement can or mid pipe unlike the T4 where you only can get the headpipe or the can with the mid pipe toghether. Only difference I noticed is that the T4R can and mid pipe have only 1 retaining spring, while the standard T4 uses 2.

So performancewise, whats the difference between the T4 and the T4R? .

I am going thru similar problem, spent big bucks on full Pro Circuit exhaust and rec'd a T-4S, never heard of S (T4S) so I go on website and no info. Call them and guy says I need T-4 GP system to get most performance so I go back to dealership to exchange and long story short, PC doesn't make a T4-GP system for X when I clearly stated I had X. Now I am thinking to get my money back and go with FMF or call MRD. I really liked the way my friends Ti-4 systems felt but somebody needs to get their act together at PC to eliminate the confusion. For the money these exhausts costs there should be clear info on them.

I have decided to keep T-4S w/ SS header. Installed it yesterday with no issues. Apparently PC now has T-4R and T-4S and was told they had no R for my bike, (06X) which I find hard to believe. Supposedly it is lower DB rating but came with extra insert for closed course. Insert gets rid of sparky and maybe bigger inside. I'll report more after riding.

I installed th T4R pipe and mid pipe and a ss head pipe on my friends bike (07). It sounds pretty much like the std T4. I rode the bike a little (After the J&D, cut air box...) and it feels like a bike with a regular T4.

The T4R also had the spark arrestor and th einserto for closed course...

The spark arrestor from the T4R is the same as the one in the T4.

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