2008 KX250 gearing advice

My KX250 has stock gearing, 51/13 and runs out of revs quickly on the trails, just wondering what everyone else runs for enduro type riding, trails, rocks, climbs, riverbeds and the odd firebreak or railway service road?

I'm considering going 14/49 is that too big a jump? I'm used to the delivery and don't want to affect the ability to gas it off a ledge and keep the front up too much, but would also appreciate longer legs when there are flat bits.

Any suggestions?

Also, I'm a fatty (115kg dry) in case that sort of thing needs to be considered..

The cheapest thing is a 14 tooth front sprocket. It made a world of difference on my 05.

Leave the 51? And is there enough room for the 14?

Yes, leave the 51. You just have to grind the case saver a little. I think you can order a 14t case saver from Kawasaki, IIRC it's an optional part.

Thanks very much, I'll pick up a 14 and see how it feels.

By the way, if anyone is interested, I've made a gearing chart for my '08 KX250 (I think they're the same from '05?)

Grab it here.

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