12 volt fan battery draw?

How long would a cheapo walmart 12 volt fan run on two deep cycle 12 volt batteries?

The reason I ask is that I have a heater for the trailer, but it does not have a fan, so the bunks on top get really hot while I freeze down low. Would the batteries run out in one night. I plan to be out for two nights this weekend with the kids and do not want to freeze my :bonk: off.


and your battery's reserve capacity . every battery is different , its the amp hours your concerned about .

it should say on the top of the battery

and amperage draw from the fans .

My guess is it will work fine. Let's say the fan is 2 amps. If it's on for 10 hours then that is 20 amp-hours. Two deep cycle 12 volt batteries in good condition should be 150 to 250 amp hours depending on the size of the batteries.

OK, so we went with the Genny as we were the only one's at the track over night.

I insulated the enclosed trailer last winter and have not had a chance to try it out until now. Holly hell that thing was hot. We had a little cheapo Walmart fan/heater that kept the heat at a constant 25 degrees C. Not sure what that is in F, but it was a little to hot, had to open the vent for a bit to let it cool down. It was just below freezing outside as well, so I guess I did a good job.

Last Fall we went to a race with the trailer uninsulated and we freaking froze all night:banghead:

We did have the inverter running all weekend and a laptop running off it as the little guy did not feel like riding much and the batteries lasted well, so I would think that just a 12 volt fan would be just fine. Thanks for the links and tips guys. Much appreciated.

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