Front shocks oil height doubt

Hello all

I am doing the maintenance in order to start the winter season... :bonk: but I have one doubt.

I have my bike on a stand with the front wheel on the air, I would like to know what is the height of the shock oil measured from the bleeder screw hole that I should have?on mine I measured 9mm of oil from the bottom.

I ride mainly on medium/hard terrain.

help anyone :bonk:

You have to remove the spring, collapse the forks then measure.. Are we talking SM or Off road showa forks?

OEM specs The E forks are 122mm from the top.. S spec is 165mm.

I run 125mm from the top with 5wt oil and Race Tech gold valves.

MX Tech valving I'm usng has the oil level at 115mm.

I do not remember the specs for the SM showas off hand, and do not have my tech hard drive with me now..

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot Bronco78

I have a DRZ E 400 offroad

I would like to know the height of the oil without removing the springs, But I guess I will have to remove them.

Bump!! :bonk:

If anyone has this info or could measure it on the bike I would be very grateful :bonk:

It really does not work that way,,, in order to get a repeatable measurement one bike to the next you have to have all the variables limited. Fork collapsed spring out is this method.

With spring in,, do you know what spacers the other person used? What size length, brand spring is in there? Do you know how far the fork is extended or collapsed? Removing the spring is a two wrench 2 minute job once the fork cap is off,, It’s one simple step past removing the fork cap to do what you’re looking for as a short cut.

If you can remove the fork cap, and have a 17mm open end wrench you can remove the spring and do this right..

Choice is yours,, enjoy.

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