Does the 04 cr 125r rear shock fit on a 04 cr 250r ??

Hello . I was wondering if a 04 cr 125r rear shock will fit on a 04 cr 250r ?? If it does Ill pick one up on ebay.....

replies will be very much appreciated . Thanks !

the 125 is KYB and the 250 is Showa, you need to know the length eye to eye. I know for instance that my 03 CR125 shock was 10mm shorter than a CRF250 shock. I ended up having mx tech switch the clevis' on the bottom when he did my revalve to make it work.

ok, thanks .

Funny you ask this.

I run 02 cr125 SHOCK ON MY 02 cr250.

It raises the CR250 rear end several inches.

And I like it.

No more stinkbutt ride for me.

You should see the same results.

The CR125 shock is longer then the CR250 shock.

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