Tires and Dave's Mods!

I need to get rid of my 'death wings'. :bonk: <--girlfriend said to put it?

I spend most of my time on the street, but don't want to lose the option of wandering off onto the dirt/gravel (slowly and carefully). I like the looks of the Avon Gripsters. I do not want to have to change my rims or anything.

Also, where can I find Dave's Mods at? I find plenty of references to them, but do not see a detailed list. Please post a link...

Also, I am reading that changing the floppy front fender will help with bike stability, along with an increase in the rake. Is all of this correct? Do you agree?


The only real problem tires have is in the slippery stuff, like mud and sand. If it's hard packed, it really doesn't matter much what you run on. Yea sure - if you're racing it does, but not for just exploring and riding for fun.

Grass can be pretty slick on street tires too. It's up to you how much tread to run. They will all load up and slide in the mud.

The deathwings are a 50/50 tire. Try a 70 street / 30 dirt tire. Maybe a 80/20. You'll just have to be super careful if it's wet dirt. If the terrain is dry, you can go pretty much anywhere.

I've put the IRC GP1's on my bike and am VERY satisfied with them. they work really well on pavement and I've not had any issues with them in the dirt. And they are quiet. I tried the D606's but they wore quickly and were noisy.

The front fender will just make the bike look better, not much else. That said, I did put the XR400 fender on mine, mucho better.

Thanks a ton guys. Sounds like I've saved 30 bucks or so on a fender.

Any great sites to check out tires on (other than here. ha)

After I posted about the mods I found the FAQ's. (duh :bonk: )

Will a Honda shop do these mods? or will I have to ask a mechanic to do this for me? I feel that they are simple enough I could do them myself, but would rather be able to blame someone else if it isn't done correctly :bonk:

No, Honda will not do this for you. In fact, if you remove the smog pump or drill holes in the carb, it'll probably void your warentee.

Choose wisely. Warentee or mods.

FWIW, I know a couple guys that have kept their 650Ls stock since he 90s and can out ride most people.

You can do the mods, not hard. Tires and sources, they offer a great selection and also mounting! Dunlop has some new trials tires 803's I think, maybe what your looking for...

What are the benefits to Dave's Mods? What is the cost (money. not void of warranty, etc.)? Do I need any new parts to do this correctly?

thanks. and no. I obviously don't know much about this engine stuff. :bonk:

What are the benefits to Dave's Mods? What is the cost (money. not void of warranty, etc.)? Do I need any new parts to do this correctly?

thanks. and no. I obviously don't know much about this engine stuff. :bonk:

BRPs roll out of the showroom woefully lean (keeps the greenies happy:foul:). They pop, sputter and run hotter than they should. Dave's mods (carb mods) are targeted at richening up the mixture to a point where the bike runs like it should. It's an easy fix, but most likely will void your warranty.

I am not worried about the warranty. Will I need any new parts other than the washer to do the mods or is it a *free* mod?

You will need the jets to rejett properly.

You will need the jets to rejett properly.

And get yourself a UNI foam air filter.

Foam filter $30-35

Filter oil $5/qt

Jets $10 for two to the door (Jets R us)

So $50, give or take

Replacing the jets and doing the carb mods is VERY simple. Nothing to be afraid of.

What size main jet/slow jet should I use when replacing?

Should I de-smog and de-snorkel as well. I figure if I'll have the bike apart I should try to accomplish as much as possible...


what size main jet/slow jet do I use when replacing?

what about de-snorkeling/de-smoging? if the bikes apart I'd like to take care of as much as possible.

thanks again for all the help.

Follow the instructions on the Daves mods. pretty easy to follow and provies jet sizes. You can get the new jets at your Honda dealer parts department or online, If you prefer, and are not comfortable with drilling your slide. You can purchase a Jet kit, such a dynojet kit it comes with detailed instructions jets, needle and spring (spring alleviates the need to drill the slide) you will still need a pilot jet size 55. Use the 160 main jet if remaining with your stock pipe, if you use an aftermarket pipe use the 165 main jet (they come in the kit) a good pipe to use is a FMF Q4.

I found this link for the de-snorkeling...

When this is removed what do I recommend I replace it with? (do you replace it with anything?)

Should I de-smog? best place to buy the block kit from?

there is so much to do!!

While on the subject of rejetting, I checked out the Factory Pro web site and they list a jet kit for $60 that requires "no slide drilling".

I used one of their jet kits in a Ducati Monster years ago and was very happy with the result.

Once I finally have a look inside my carburetor and see what has been done to it, I'll have to make the decision of what to do next. My biggest problem is mid-range at altitude and difficult starting when the bike is cold or very hot. Maybe I'll have time today to finally get in there.

I just put this Kenda K761 on my pig...I wanted the same as you're describing, mostly street, but wanted to be able to jump off on the dirt without busting my @ss. Don't have a lot of time on them yet, but so far they've worked well, I think they look pretty good, and they were super cheap...


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