Plastics opinons ???

What are your thoughts on the various plastics kits available? Fitament, best price, overall look ???




I have always gone with UFO plastics in the past when i want to spiffy up the old scoot,there always a great color match,bolt right on with no mods and are cheap when u buy them as a whole plastic kit :thumbsup:Acerbis plastic is about the same as UFO,its fits good and costs right around the same as UFO....Now Maier plastic is not very good IMO as most of the time its not drilled and u always have to mod it to fit plus its way more exspensive than the other 2 and really brittle,hope this helps as it is all IMO:ride:

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I always tend to go with Acerbis, they always look good and not too expensive....I usaully get those to beat up and leave my stock ones aside to stay clean

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