exhaust for the 2005 crf250r

hey everyone. is the fmf factory 4.1 with a megabomb header a good system for racing and trail riding? this is the pipe i have been looking at. also, is it possible to fit dual pipes on an 05 crf250r? i saw an add on craigslist for an 04 crf250r that had dual yoshimura pipes on it. thanks!

They're all good, but the 4.1 is real loud.


To run duals you will need the following:

complete dual exhaust of course

06-09 subframe

06-09 airbox

06-09 rear number plates and fender

They're all good, but the 4.1 is real loud.

I have the 4.1/MegaBomb setup and it is real quiet, all other systems seem to be louder.

Save your money and run the stock exhaust. Exhaust wont make you faster, learning to corner faster makes you faster.

how much you lookin to spend?

got a Powerbomb and Ti Q combo for your bike in the bay area

thanks man. that helps a ton.

like $200 tops. just spent $2100 on the bike, so i can't spend a whole lot...

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