Rekluse shifting...

Ok guys, i know very little about these rekluse kits. Never seen or used one and only read some of the post in the search last night. That bieng said just ordered one for my daughters new r this morning.

So when it done on the gas, blip the throttle, or let off-shift and back on the gas? I'm sure all can be done...but is it intended for wfo gate starts?


I believe you are supposed to let off the gas to shift

Hi, My son has run a Rekluse for 2 years now, you can shift ANYWAY you can shift on a bike with a standard clutch. You can power shift aswell as chopping the throttle and shifting or if you prefer using the clutch you can use the cluth lever. But you do not have to touch the clutch lever if you don't want to when you have the Rekluse fitted. Hope this helps .Martin

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