O1 WR 426 carb issue

I recently rcovered my stolen WR, when I got it back the carb kept overflowing. I replaced the float seat, oring, etc. That sovled the overflow issue but the bike will not run right. It starts with the choke open when cold but will not idle with choke off. Then I can not restart the bike after that. It pops, so I cleared it out to no avail. I know the starting procedures and never had problems before the bike was stolen. The lower carb vent hose had a golf tee placed in it. Most likely from thieves attempt to fix the overflow issue.

Any suggestions?

What setting should the idle knob be set at?

First off - sorry to hear your bike was stolen and you now have to suffer through the frustrations of fixing it.

idle knob should be set to a decent idle of about 1300 rpm when running.

sounds like your pilot circuit is screwed up/dirty - when you cleaned the carb, did you take the pilot jet out as well? you need to do that. Do you have a finger screw on the pilot circuit or is it stock? if stock they probably didn't mess with it, if you have a finger screw sticking out the bottom they may have played with it - try it at 1.5 out from lightly seated to start.

i would take the carb off completely, take everythign appart clean it well and give it a once over, also put fresh gas in the bike - who knows what crap gas the thieves put into it....

Replace the pilot jet, do not waste the time trying to clean it.

Idle speed should be 1,800 rpm.

+one more on the PJ

Ok, l took the carb off, cleaned everything, replaced the slow jet with the next size up, and reinstalled the carb. The result was dissapointing, it will not start, gave up after wearing my leg out. The pilot screw is the factory screw, i played with it, set out 1-1/2 to 2 turns. New gas too!

Wish it had electric start!


If it was a no start due to flooding, then going up a size on the PJ won't make it better. Are you sure it's the carb that's causing you problems? If the bike was stolen, it was probably ridden like it was stolen. Have you checked valve clearances and the cam chain for being stretched? Most valves that I have seen go out of spec were due to excessive , prolonged RPM's, like you might do with a stolen bike. Just my .02 -- WR Dave

I agree with Dave. Are you sure it's the carb? You need to back up a bit and look at the big picture .... check everything.

I have the same issue on my wr400 it won't start and when it does it runs like crap once it shuts off it won't start again I can't figure our either, was running decent till I decide to clean the carb and put the settings back to normal but I been suggested that I have a electrical problem, but can't figure out what hell it's wrong :-(

....sounds like your pilot circuit is screwed up/dirty....

I had similar issues with a WR250F, and a YZ250F. A professional cleaning, or a thorough cleaning at home with the proper solution, fixed the problem on both bikes.

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