2008 ktm 505 xc-f

He everyone! newer member here, but long time user.

my question is this: I have acquired a "very slightly" used '08 505 XC-F. The guy before me completely tricked this puppy out, jetted carb (with what?), new front & rear suspension, upgraded stator and flywheel, lighting kit front and back, carbon skid plate, gas tank, dampner, etc.... Very little use and he blew out his knee and sold it. He definatley had it set up to race, so he said....

I would like for this bike to handle better on slower technical single track at times. Is there a quick fix, such as replacing the front &/or rear sprokets? Also, it tends to spill coolant while i'm "trying" to warm it up.

Don't get me wrong, I freaking love this new ride, but need to get familiar with KTM and thier rad engineering mechanics.

Past bikes include a early '90's Honda XR 250, 2003 Honda XR 400R, 2006 Yamaha WR450F.

-Thanks for looking....


Oh, and it has a FMF 4.1 titianium pipe and header, if that matters any?....

Get a rekluse brother you will be in heaven. No touching the clutch and never dies. You can find good used ones on Ktmtalk in there classifieds or get a new one. I think the Rekluse Z pro is better for what your doing I never used that one but many here have and I read all of it. I have the rekluse exp and the thing is flippin sweet.

As for the boiling id change out the coolant to Engine Ice or redline watter wetter and maybe get a water pump impellar from ktm supposedly it bring the temp down also. The right jetting and maybe bumping up your idle a bit.

Btw did you get that 505 from a guy in Santa Cruz area?

how is the rekluse on a motocross track?

It works like magic.. At first I was riding like it was not there then as I got tired it hit me I had one on my bike so my hand wrapped the grip and never touched the lever and it just works so good.. Come into a turn hit the brakes never touching the clutch just worry about getting into position to turn and then gas it and turn it like fans perfectly. After having it I dont think I could ride without one.. I still thump the clutch to seat bounce or just to get that ummff to clear a jump but coming into the turns and never touching the clutch is priceless really.. Its hard to explain you just have to ride it for a day and tell yourself not to touch the clutch and you will be amazed on that thing. Its worth every penny. If I didnt like it I would of yanked it off my bike and sold it after 2 rides but I have 5 or 6 rides with it now and I cant see not having one of them. I dunno about the other rekluse but the core exp is epic for moto.

1st Get the right springs for your weight and get the sag within spec.

2nd Fix the Accelerator pump issues (do a forum search, there's lots written on this)

3rd Get some hours on it and fine tune as necessary....

My 505 does everything well except rocks and roots, I get quite a bit of deflection in the forks, ... I haven't put up the $$$ for a re-valve yet, ... maybe a tuner can fix this for you, but I imagine that if you make her soft she won't do as well on the other terrain such as MX, ...

Mine has never spilled coolant on warm-up, .... check your level, it is worth mentioning that it has been advised that you should NOT rev the engine hard while at warm up idle, ... I let mine run for about a minute (no more) then bring the RPM up a bit to engage 2nd gear then GO ! Ther is quite a bit of clutch drag on these motors when they are cold so you may find that it will stall if you engage 1st gear right away w/o any rpm increase.

what is the cost on the exp. if parts unlimited has them i can get a killer deal

I got mine from some guy on here that had a 2010 450sxf and used it for the 24hour at glen helen.. I got it for $525 with clutch cover a great deal. There close to $800 i think im sure parts unlimited gets them i mean I see shops online selling the rekluse z pro and there with parts unl and western power

The things works great period. there is no disadvantage to it, it works like a normal clutch when you want it too and when you dont want to touch the lever dont it does everything perfect for you.

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