Breather Hose Vent & Air Box Cap

Wondering what the benefits or negatives are for putting the breather end cap on the carberator vent hose that is normally plugged and by putting the plug on the top of the air box that normally has the vent tube?

I assume the plug on the air box is so water and debris cant get in but curious on the vent.

You must be talking about the crankcase breather tube coming out of the valve cover, not the carb. Applied Racing makes a slick bypass kit for this. Or you could just plug the air box and get a pc. of hose to run straight out of valve cover and down under the shock linkage.

Oops, yeah that is what I meant and after finding out its made by Applied I did a search and found the information, thanks susco.

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Just go to the hardware store and get a piece of clear plastic hose. Run that from your valve cover to just over the tranny sprocket. Get some 5 min epoxy and plug the fitting in the air box. $ 5 total. I have done this to all 7 of my crf's since 02, never a problem. Never have to drain and keeps the hot air from the crank case from the intake.

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